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Razor wheelchair

Active Wheelchairs are manufactured today to custom fit the user's dimensions and needs.

While Carbon Fiber might be the best choice for the application due to the high strength to weight ratio and stiffness, It is rarely being used because of the manufacturing methods of CF frames that usually include expensive molds and the fact that in this method it is not possible to custom fit the frame.

Custom Carbon-fiber wheelchair, designed from CF tubes and Titanium DMLS joints.

The model is designed in a parametric CAD software which allows data-driven modifications for each product and local manufacturing of the DMLS Joints.


Work in progress. Patent pending.


Formula 1000 racing car

Formula 1000 is an open wheel class of Formula car racing by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) where a 1000 cc motorcycle engine is used to power a single seat, open wheel race car with full racing aerodynamics and suspension


Formula 1000 racing car exterior design in RegevDesign studio. Working closely with engineering teams from concept through CAD to manufacturing
Design in RegevDesign studio.

Client- Griiip engineering.

Low entry bus

Low Entry Bus exterior-Redesign of the front lights and an new design for the rear wall.

Design in RegevDesign studio.
Client- Haargaz.



S-Cargo was my graduation project in the ID department at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel.
S-Cargo won the highest grade for graduation project that year.

First place in "Sikun Vebinui" green innovation design competition.

DR.Polonsky design award for excellence 2012 .

Top ten academic projects for 2012 by SolidWorks Israel.

Visit website and watch video at:


TReGo is the commercial successor of S-Cargo. TReGo transform any bicycles into a multiple purpose Tricycles, simply by  replacing the front wheel.

TReGo can have different “add-ons” such as rucksack, child-seat, racks, boxs..
TReGo function as a stand alone cart or trolley, without the bicycles.
Patent pending.

Video clip from the TReGo campaign video.



Add- Ons design and development.



TANDO is an autonomous drone for indoor applications

Indoor Robotics 


Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes Design and development.

Client: confidential.

Tensile Lamp

Lightning object based on a Tensile structure, The lamp can be positioned in a variety of postures since the structure is connected together by the electric cable and not by joints.

A balance between the reflector and a Tungsten weight as well as the friction plays a crucial part keeping the structure balanced in different postures.


Develop and design SKU tracking system mounted on shelves

I Have been Working with metal and aluminum for many years. Designing, bending, welding (Mig and Tig), machining and so on. 

Metal is one of my favorite materials to work with.

Metal Work



Hand sketched on paper or tablet are the fastest and most free form of designing and conceptualizing. The possibility to evaluate different forms quickly in the one hand and to establish the design's "spirit" on the other is essential part of every successful design process.


Since many years I've been photographing, mostly combining photography with my passion to travel and nature but also as a tool for product and studio imagery.

In this collection most of the portraits are of children in south east Asia.


Technical skills

Processing hand sketches into a presentation-quality renders helps in creating a strong design language and upgrade the design in general, It is a fast and efficient way to compare form and color alternatives.

The ability to successfully convert 2D design into a 3D model allows the designer to work on details, solve problems, communicate with engineers, designers and clients, analyze the model  and prepare the parts for manufacturing. 

The challenge for the designer is to do all of the above while keeping the integrity of the initial design on the 3D model.




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